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A scathing report by the Office of the Inspector General revealed that a consulting company hired by U.S. Customs and Border Protection to fill thousands of new jobs to satisfy President Trump's mandate to secure the southern border is "nowhere near" completing its hiring goals and "risks wasting millions of taxpayer dollars."

The audit found that as of Oct. 1, CBP had paid Accenture Federal Services approximately $13.6 million of a $297 million contract to recruit and hire 7,500 applicants, including Customs and Border Protection officers, Border Patrol agents, and Air and Marine Interdiction agents. But 10 months into the first year of a five-year contract, Accenture had processed only "two accepted job offers," according to the report.

I guess they are really trying to hire only the best.
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As someone who has some exposure to managing government contracts I'm raising an eyebrow that the spend rate has them at about 5% spent, 17% into the period of performance.

I'm willing to give them a pass for the low rate of hires at such an early point of a 5 year contract, where it could be expected that a lot of project startup occurs during this period before anything that the public would recognize as "results" usually occurs. I'd be interested in knowing how the rate of hires is picking up.

I have a bigger problem with the overall cost of the contract, which amounts to a sunk cost of nearly $40k for every new hire, assuming they achieve their hiring goals. I know professional headhunters who make much less to fill six-figure professional positions. I also know of numerous federal agencies who could do a lot more good for the country with that money than hiring a bunch of proto-military gatekeepers for our southern border.
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