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Friday was M's and my 7th anniversary. Wow....7 years. Officially my longest relationship. This last year was a struggle. M had great difficulty keeping a job. Health issues and work issues had him in and out of jobs.

It's a cliche to say that couple fight most about money issues, but that was the theme of the year. He wants to spend and I want to save. It's been a big battle for us, but now we have some goals, and he is understand that to achieve the goals we need to save.

I've also been hit hard with middle age issues which I think have affected our relationship. So to say we survived this year is a big accomplishment.

For our anniversary we went out to dinner and then drinks. It was a great evening. We made a promise that we will work on year 8 being a better year, and laid out how we will try to do that.

We still want to be married, but we want it to be a legal marriage. Not possible in Indiana at this time.

Nothing in our relationship has been easy. What has kept us together is a strong love. The challenges have tested that love, and we are passing the tests. So here is to not only another 7 years, but many more beyond that.

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Many Congratulations to you and M. No relationship is easy but you are approaching the issues maturely and responsibly. Being committed to each other takes work and you and M are doing the right things to make it happen.

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