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The Official 742 Evergreen Terrace FAQ:

What's the deal with the board name?

It's the address that is used for OFF the most

What does OFF mean?
It's short for Our Favorite Family.

Who is Our Favorite Family?
The Simpson family, silly.

So this board is for Simpson fans?
Have you read any of the messages on the board? That's what they are all about with a few exceptions.

How did this board come about?
On my way to the National Grammar Rodeo in Canada I stopped in Branson MS. While listening to Andy Williams sing “Moon River” (his second encore), the idea that TMF needed a board devoted to OFF hit me so I requested it and here it is.

Now that we've established the board's purpose let's take care of some other details.

Do I have to be a Simpson's geek to post here?

No, all you need to be to post here is a fan, casual or geek, it makes no difference.

So what kind of TMF members post here?
All kinds. Obviously they are all fans of OFF. Where they come from and where else they post, we don't care so long as they follow the one rule.

So what is the one rule?
Just keep it civil. This board is discussing a cartoon (albeit one of the greatest shows ever) so there is no reason to piss people off. Many people have said that this is their favorite board because of the lack of personal attacks and how well we all get along, we would like to keep it that way.

Are there any other rules you aren't telling me about? I don't want to look like I have the Simpson gene.
There are a few courtesy rules that have developed over time. The main one is to not talk about new episodes until the day after they are shown (typically Monday but there are times where Fox will show a new one on another night). This is to prevent spoiling the episode for people in a later time zone than you. If you feel that you just have to talk about it, preface your post by saying that there are spoilers and put some blank space between your warning and the spoiler (See FoolBalance's example here: The other courtesy rules are pretty easy to pick up on:
- Try at all times to remain on-topic and not just make random quotes just to make them. Quotes are more appreciated when they are used in context with a discussion.
- Like Springfield Retirement Castle, we prefer that you not discuss the outside world.

What's the deal with this Marge Madness I keep hearing about?
In February 2002, dcostello came up with the idea to setup round of polls in the spirit of the NCAA tournament to figure out who the best supporting character was. (See for the initial announcement).
Winner: Apu (highly disputed)
Runner Up: Burns (the real winner)

Winner: Groundskeeper Willie
Runner Up: Apu (vengeance was served)

Overall Marge Madness has made only one major contribution other than stirring up the board for two months every year and giving people a grudge to carry against others for the rest of the year, it's proven to us that Kent Brockman was right: “I've said it before and I'll say it again: democracy simply doesn't work.”

Where can I find out more information about OFF?
See the link section at the bottom of the FAQ

Where can I find OFF merchandise?
See the link section at the bottom of the FAQ

The BIG questions:

Is Homer's catchphrase spelled "D'oh" or "Doh"?

Contrary to what the people that write the Oxford English Dictionary say, it is spelled "D'oh". That is the actual spelling that was used by Homer when his jaw was broken. We cannot base our knowledge on this by the scripts however, all it says in the scripts is “annoyed grunt”.

What state is Springfield in?
It depends on what episode you watch. In the “Behind the Laughter” episode, they made reference to Kentucky but Kentucky is landlocked and Springfield has a harbor. It is left ambiguous on purpose. For a map of Springfield, check this out: (Thanks to chasebrown for the link)

What's with Wayland Smithers?
He's Mr Burns' assistant.

The Official Simpsons Website
News & Information:
The Simpsons Archive*
The Simpsons Sourcebook
The Simpsons Channel
The No Homers Club (a discussion board, but not nearly as good as this one)
* Quite possibly the greatest Simpson's reference. It has links to any type of OFF website you might want to look for. It also has episode capsules for every episode (it does take time to assemble them so don't go looking for anything from this season).
Amazon (search for “Simpsons”)
EBay (search for “Simpsons”)

Thanks to:
- FoolBalance for the example on how to post a spoiler
- dcostello for running Marge Madness
- All the other people who have posted here and made the board need a FAQ
- CPAgentPreppie (me) for starting the board

Agent, 4/1/03
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