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As some of you know I've never made car or house payments (I don't own either). I had a student loan for a computer decades ago, but other than that my credit type has always been limited to credit cards.

After joining the Fool and paying off my credit card debt the highest score I saw was 810, until yesterday when I got a letter from BofA approving me for an Alaska Airlines card. The score was from Equifax.

The APR on this card is 14.99% but when I use it I will pay the balance off in full each month as I do with my other cards.

This is the first time I've gotten a card with an annual fee in decades.
I decided that the 26,000 miles (plus a companion can fly for $99.00 each way on a roundtrip -- including Canada) I get for opening the account is worth it (at least for the first year). What do you guys think?

It saves me time and money flying out of the Sonoma County airport instead of taking a taxi and the airporter down to SFO. If fly on a weekday I can take county transit for a whopping $1.25. I wish I had done this years ago.

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I justify my fee card, since the only way to get out of town is on Alaska.

STart early to use the miles for long (overseas) flights - I have no trouble getting to Seattle or on to California.
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I used Horizon Air (owned by Alaska Airlines) to fly from Santa Rosa to Seattle for a lymphoma patient education workshop three weekends ago. The Horizon employees are as wonderful as those with Alaska Airlines (I used Alaska when I flew from Seattle to Alaska with the Air Force Reserves many decades ago).

I recently learned that we are going to have our first workshop in Canada next year, so when I heard about the credit card offer during my flight up to Seattle I thought it would be useful. My goal is to visit all the places we have patient workshops. Of course it may mean only one trip a year but I'm in no hurry.
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Using the annual companion ticket normally more than covers the fee. The value on the miles depends on routes that you are flying.
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