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Board Name Ticker Last Total
Energy Research Corp. (Closed) ERC 9/23/99 11:49 PM 9
ERC Industries, Inc. (Closed) ERCI 0
eResearch Technology, Inc (Closed) ERES 2/27/09 5:29 PM 477
LM Ericsson Telephone Co. (Closed) ERIC 6/24/16 5:05 AM 2787
Embraer-Empresa Brasil de Aero (Closed) ERJ 11/4/08 8:57 AM 847
EROX Corporation (Closed) EROX 0
Empire Resources Inc. (Closed) ERS 5/15/07 5:26 PM 15
Electronic Retailing Sys. (Closed) ERSI 2/10/98 1:18 PM 9
Direxion Daily Energy Bull 3X ET (Closed) ERX 1/13/15 2:21 PM 1
Eurand N.V. (Closed) EURX 12/2/10 8:43 AM 1
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