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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 6/21/19 2:57 AM
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President Trump has hinted that we are going to do something.

The question is where, when and how?

I say we let the Commander in Chief fight the war using the weapon he knows best.


  • Date: 6/13/19 5:22 AM
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A little over a year ago, I started a small account with Motif Investing to see how well - or not - it worked. They offer fractional shares, so I just put in $1,000, picked my stocks and let 'er rip. I did change my grouping ("motif")
  • Date: 2/28/19 1:59 PM
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By mid 2020, ROKU will likely be a full-size entry in my focused ports, or
  • Date: 2/28/19 11:43 AM
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Sandbagging refers to the practice of issuing guidance lower than actual expectations, allowing for a) any potential mistake(s) which might lower actual revenue or earnings or b) a pleasant earnings surprise if everything goes right and (hopefully)
  • Date: 2/25/19 6:02 PM
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The worst you can do is lose 100% but finding the next Amazon that can go up literally hundreds of times in value can be life changing, no?

True. My point is that the 100% loss is real, while the 1,000% missed gain is
  • Date: 2/25/19 2:50 PM
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Nice post, Duma, but I have a few points to counter:

1. The time spent on dd for a company you choose not to invest in
  • Date: 2/23/19 1:33 AM
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I made more money today than in a couple of prior investing years. Almost 3x any previous single day.

I know, I know, the market's simply a temporary voting machine and one of these days it may drop by that much. But please, let
  • Date: 2/19/19 3:03 PM
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There's no such thing as a dumb question.
But I can come close. :)

  • Date: 2/9/19 1:25 PM
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can you add a revenue threshold?...Maybe a $50m/yr or $75m/yr, if not $100m/yr?--Dreamer

Sure--We can add about ANY parameters, No Problem.

Industry = "IT"
Price > $4
  • Date: 2/8/19 10:29 AM
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Greetings, High Flyers,

The following table is a screen of software & IT companies that have sales growth
of 29% or greater over the last year. Please note that many are ADR's, in case
you choose to filter out foreigners.
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Take me back to where I was.
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