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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 4/18/12 8:06 AM
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What is evident is high taxes cause money and talent to move to lower taxed jurisdictions. This is not an anomaly: money always moves to where it has the greater return.

I guess that explains the tumbleweeds blowing down the empty
  • Date: 8/22/10 11:25 PM
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considering how little he has in common with the American people.

He likes to take Christmas vacation where he grew up and summer vacation at the beach.
He has a wife & 2 children he adores, spends quality time
  • Date: 12/29/08 1:11 PM
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Fact is the more informed kids are about sex = the more kids that will become aware/knowledgable about sex = the more kids that will be interested in experiementing with sex and when you give free and easy access of condems/protection to kids the
  • Date: 3/11/12 2:17 PM
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Ann Romney: Angry White Woman?

Imagine if Michelle Obama had said anything remotely similar to this:

"I am so mad at the press [that] I could just strangle them! And, you know, I think Ive decided there are going to be

  • Date: 12/20/16 11:52 AM
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No one gets insanely angry like a liberal....

Yeah, that pizzagate gun-nut was an angry liberal... those guys who dragged a black man behind their truck, more angry liberals...Comey taking down Hillary--another angry liberal...the
  • Date: 2/23/16 10:10 AM
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Where were all the rightie voices demanding a Supreme Court nominee who would "bridge the differences" and "find common ground" when George HW Bush replaced progressive Justice Thurgood Marshall with extreme conservative Justice
  • Date: 3/4/12 9:40 PM
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On Fox News Sunday this morning, Chris Wallace challenged Rick Santorum on why hes given such a small percentage of his salary to charity...Santorum explained that he was unable to give because the costs of caring for his daughter Bella who
  • Date: 10/18/08 11:07 AM
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Many Americans say they're uneasy about Obama. He's pretty new to them.

We can provide some assurance. We have known Obama since he entered politics a dozen years ago. We have watched him, worked with him, argued with him as he rose from

  • Date: 2/14/13 12:25 PM
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In other words it's a list of groups/companies/entities/people that are opposed to the individual right to keep and bear arms.

Being in favor of restrictions on the ownership and use of firearms does not make one opposed to the
  • Date: 2/18/13 9:33 AM
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1. We cannot balance our budget by taxing the rich. Mathematically impossible.

Strawman. It should be a major factor in the effort--nobody's claiming it's the entire solution.

2. Taxes take a far larger share of GDP than
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Take me back to where I was.
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