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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 2/3/15 2:17 PM
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Thrift confusions!

What a great title for a column!

Lee, given the confusion here, I may make this my weekly briefing the week after next. Jim G's got his column already lined up for Monday.

So let's take an informal poll:
  • Date: 2/8/17 1:59 AM
  • Number: 2296
  • Recommendations: 55
Hey, guys,

It's true that I've officially left, but I'll still be on this board posting and answering questions, and of course I'll still have access to the public Special Ops boards. I'm happy to continue discussing
  • Date: 2/9/07 10:42 PM
  • Number: 140
  • Recommendations: 53
Hi, all--

Well, Stan beat me to the punch, but I spent several hours listening to the call and transcribing, so I'll go ahead and post my notes nonetheless. Boy, it's an exercise in futility with Stan patrolling the boards.
  • Date: 12/23/14 1:58 AM
  • Number: 2068
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I’ll close out all the portfolio’s positions shortly, but I wanted to provide you all with my final thoughts on the portfolio’s stocks and what to watch for in the future if you continue to hold them.

BAC – The bank is still underpriced,
  • Date: 9/20/17 2:17 AM
  • Number: 2935
  • Recommendations: 39
Hey, everyone,

I want to thank everyone who continues to follow this board and for following me. I feel that I have a commitment to you, not only from the Special Ops days (how quickly they recede! -- already a year!) and your support
  • Date: 2/15/07 2:27 PM
  • Number: 1356
  • Recommendations: 35
PRAA 4Q Conference Call Notes

Steve Fredrickson, CEO, and Kevin Stephenson, CFO, were on the call to discuss the results.

Steve opened the call, humorously referring to it as their second annual Valentine's Day call. Steve noted that
  • Date: 6/24/15 2:56 PM
  • Number: 866
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And if this idea -- a monthly watch list -- interests you, please rec these posts, so we know.

  • Date: 11/8/14 3:55 PM
  • Number: 432
  • Recommendations: 30
The news we’ve just received from EXETF is frustrating. The company has sold its substantial American business for a low price, as I figure. While this result is trying and unexpected, it’s compounded by the substantially higher expectations I had
  • Date: 8/13/14 10:55 PM
  • Number: 227
  • Recommendations: 25
When I think about investing in special situations, especially spinoffs, I think about optionality. Specifically, I consider how much I'm paying for upside. I like to pay nothing -- or even better, actually be paid to take on upside. The way I
  • Date: 4/4/07 3:43 PM
  • Number: 8235
  • Recommendations: 24
There has been a lot of discussion on this board regarding SCSS as a company that cannot withstand a downturn in the economy. Indeed, recent movements in the stock price reflects such a belief. Briefly, I would like to question that view with some
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Take me back to where I was.
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