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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 1/17/19 3:46 PM
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Fellow investors mostly. Aligned interests and all that.
  • Date: 1/17/19 2:46 PM
  • Number: 3473
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I just talk to as many people as possible.

Also, lotsa biotech names trading at net cash or zero value for a pipeline full of potentially billion-dollar drugs.

I mean, is a mid-large cap biotech firm gonna go 0/4 on 3rd/2nd stage
  • Date: 1/16/19 3:13 PM
  • Number: 91579
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That infers that buying puts would be a good strategy, since it would be nearly the exact opposite strategy within a zero-sum market?

It does not.

Deep OTM puts are often referred to as a profitable strategy but the vol
  • Date: 1/16/19 3:09 PM
  • Number: 3471
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ALNY up 8% since purchase, adding.
  • Date: 1/16/19 3:08 PM
  • Number: 1643
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I'm up 12% on my Apollo purchases, now what? ;)
  • Date: 1/15/19 1:25 PM
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Selling covered calls is the worst retail strategy there is, bar none.
  • Date: 1/15/19 11:49 AM
  • Number: 3469
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As I'm sure some monkeys saw, LULU pre-announced better SSS possibly as high as mid-teens, and EPS 5-7c better representing 30% growth at the midpoint.

In the past 3 years, their Q4 results have still beaten their improved
  • Date: 1/15/19 11:33 AM
  • Number: 3468
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I added a little under $6 to reduce my cost basis, makes up a tiny bit for the shellacking in tech today.

Big rally in 2019 to over $9 currently.
  • Date: 1/14/19 8:39 PM
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BHC trading at 7.8x ebitda estimates, ebitda estimated to trough this year.

BHC likely to show LSD organic growth this year. They paid down $1bn of debt last year but still 6.7x net debt which is still very high but unsecured 2025 debt
  • Date: 1/14/19 3:30 PM
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The only think Tesla is ahead of the curve in is battery technology. Which may make it worth their market cap if they perfect it.

The product reviews are bad, people are cancelling their deposits after not getting deliveries for several
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Take me back to where I was.
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