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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 3/18/19 12:39 PM
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not saying anything you don't already know
Vegas the mecca for have and have-nots, eh?
  • Date: 3/18/19 12:37 PM
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prob always so and obvious anecdotal
I know a lot of people with white collar jobs
who have almost no savings
quite of few of them w/negative net worth

and in the few times i do participate in furniture ministry
poverty in
  • Date: 3/13/19 11:45 AM
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So, what's the bottom line. I guess:
(1) I made a mistake in forecasting that they would expand outside of bond market distress;
(2) I didn't buy cheaply enough.
(3) Given the returns, it was an ok mistake for
  • Date: 3/13/19 11:39 AM
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maybe cause OAK's BS is overcapitalized
w/a minority position in the bond manager
they have shadow AUM that eventually will get invested
and my guess is they could raise a lot more in AUM in the right environ
besides, how could
  • Date: 3/11/19 5:16 PM
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this is just one recommendation, but I think a good one:

in that it features stories by various
  • Date: 3/11/19 5:11 PM
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Living in the shadow of his warrior brother has driven Loki to an amazing discovery, a hidden portal between his own world and another more fascinating one that constantly draws him back. On Asgard, he is the almost forgotten prince desperate to
  • Date: 3/11/19 5:04 PM
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first, congrats to the author period

not my area, but aren't there some obvious comma splices early on in the website

Living in the shadow of his warrior brother has driven Loki to an amazing discovery, a hidden portal
  • Date: 3/11/19 4:58 PM
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if naj doesn't know what to do
we are close to the Armageddon
  • Date: 3/8/19 3:16 PM
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6. oh, also putting some of the teeth back into consumer financial protection

I know this is one of your specialties
if you have time one day to expand
what and where specifically do you see abuse?
I think the single
  • Date: 3/8/19 2:35 PM
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...prohibit platforms from offering a marketplace for commerce and participating in that marketplace....

you know, the more I read this the more confused I get - and I was confused instantaneously. I mean, w/Amazon and Whole Foods,
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Take me back to where I was.
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