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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 6/12/19 10:29 AM
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on the other hand, hawkwin liked the book
and the fact that i didn't doesn't mean you won't like it

we all have books we like that others don't....apologize if I sounded unusually harsh in the last note,
  • Date: 6/12/19 9:01 AM
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They don't have any subscription sales, or recurring revenue, so no guaranteed revenue next year.

Saul, minor distinction but a semi conductor company like TXN does have a large base of recurring revenue cause much of the
  • Date: 6/12/19 8:16 AM
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It is noticeable, but it is part of the story. It isn't preachy and it doesn't try to convert the reader.

fwiw, I got a library copy and agree with this completely...that said, the book is written in a style that I found
  • Date: 6/4/19 10:27 AM
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posted in barron's - just emphasizes the point -from a credit analyst

Because of what I said about [the BBB ratings] being for the most part self-inflicted, investment-grade companies could just pull back on share buybacks, or on the
  • Date: 6/3/19 3:11 PM
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food traffic....mmm.....I guess that's the low priced hot dog at Costco (foot traffic)

sorry, every where else I post I hit submit and then edit cause it is just easier to edit that way for me, so....sorry for typos
  • Date: 6/3/19 1:25 PM
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it just seems a combination of things:

*25% tariffs hitting this area particularly hard
*Mexico tariffs add to uncertainty
*as urbn noted in their call, after years of downturns in traffic in the store space 2018 was an upswing but
  • Date: 5/18/19 11:05 AM
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...but Warren Buffett says never have one stock be more than 10% of your portfolio.

have followed Buffett for a very long time and can't recall him saying this - could you provide a source please?
  • Date: 5/10/19 12:10 PM
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p.s. also on Prime
  • Date: 5/10/19 12:09 PM
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couple sentences

this did not make me want to read it: "SF for the Tumblr generation"

course, you liked it, so I'll check it from the library...


Before Discovery, I could recognize a distinctive
  • Date: 5/9/19 9:28 PM
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I hope printed books don't disappear but I don't see how that tide can be stemmed.

all they have to do is continue putting typos in them - I won't use a kindle for this reason. Maybe this is fixed, but the first time I
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Take me back to where I was.
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