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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 2/22/19 9:59 AM
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Are you telling me they don't have taxes?
It's like talking to a wall.

So now taxes are proof of authoritarianism?

Like talking to a prickly pear
  • Date: 2/21/19 5:15 PM
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The story doesn't mention his own personal enrichment from this, but that's the only possible reason why he is proposing this.


Stupidity is also a valid explanation.

Either post a link that supports
  • Date: 2/21/19 5:07 PM
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So when Nick interviews for jobs in his future and employers decide "our customer's wouldn't want to deal with Nick because of his past allegations, etc. too much risk, and not hire him" this is nothing?

  • Date: 2/21/19 5:01 PM
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Where is Jedi and what have you done with him?

You've just heard from the true Jedi.

Unfortunately, he only makes rare appearances. But when he does, he is the model of good sense and incisive thought.
  • Date: 2/21/19 4:58 PM
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Instead of making the nut roots happy with "Medicare for All" -- - she said the other day that it's better to work WITHIN ObamaCare for incremental but real reform - such as getting a public option into ObamaCare. (Which
  • Date: 2/21/19 4:46 PM
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BTW, there are many "socialist" economies that do not rely on police power to confiscate resources.
Do tell.

Most European economies operate on a partially socialist basis. They also operate on the basis of
  • Date: 2/21/19 4:29 PM
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Both sides: much ado about nothing.
  • Date: 2/21/19 2:58 PM
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Crony capitalists are evil.

But run of the mill capitalists? Or those who mix capitalism with socialism in a brew of "whatever works"? (Look up: pragmatism..... America's glaring claim to fame on the philosophical front)
  • Date: 2/21/19 2:24 PM
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If we could stop politicizing these things, what a wonderful world it would be.

One word...... Muslim.
  • Date: 2/21/19 1:49 PM
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Socialism cannot be implemented without the use of police power to confiscate resources.

Neither can any other authoritarian model.

BTW, there are many "socialist" economies that do not rely on police power to
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Take me back to where I was.
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