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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 3/14/17 6:27 AM
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"Grenoble9999, or stillwater9999, or whoever you may be now"

Many years ago, a private investment company I worked for (and was a small minority owner of) was hiring a new executive to oversee a couple of the smaller
  • Date: 2/22/12 8:02 PM
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"Warren is, was and always will be out for what is best for Warren. If he's all for tax equity, why has he structured everything he's ever done so as to pay the absolute minimum tax, including, notably, recission of his Gates Foundation
  • Date: 5/31/12 10:43 PM
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Aren't jokes supposed to be funny? That was just a poorly disguised political potshot from a blind partisan hack. Isn't that what the PA is for?
  • Date: 1/12/04 11:38 PM
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There was a quote splayed accross the top of today's Chicago Sun Times that gives an excellent summary of this administration. In response to O'Neill's allegations, a "Senior White House official" is quoted as saying "Nobody ever
  • Date: 9/21/04 5:34 PM
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Truely amazing.

We have people here who hold Dan Rather and Micheal Moore to a higher standard than the standard they hold the President of the United States to.

They remind me of the guy who tried to argue that it wasn't raining by
  • Date: 9/12/16 12:28 PM
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ArmedInfidel:"I have no problem with Trump being President. I'm a solid vote for him. I don't buy into the left's tar and feathering of him so, yes, I do want him to be President. You can quote me on that to your heart's
  • Date: 2/19/08 2:19 PM
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There is a large segment of the population that is arguing in support of the torture of another human being.

I want want my country back. the one that was once a shining beacon of civilization and morality.
  • Date: 3/31/04 1:51 PM
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So many people here are trying to dismiss Richard Clarke by saying that he is only trying to sell a book. They are making an illogical leap that just because he stands to profit from the sale of his book the words he says are somehow wrong or a lie.
  • Date: 6/26/15 12:44 AM
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"Were you aware that she just was engaged but broke it off?"

Are you aware that engagement is not marriage?

"PS. I can flip your statements around: if a pregnancy is for a woman and a woman alone to decide
  • Date: 10/28/09 5:09 PM
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"You can't be that naive, to believe he's intelligent."

Its not being naive. Its called reality. Both Harvard, the University of Chicago thought him to be highly intelligent. Go back before he was elected, to when he was
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Take me back to where I was.
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