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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 8/29/18 5:59 PM
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Hi Jim,

Lon posted several times that he was considering leaving and having family meetings to reach a final decision. Haven't seen a post from him for the last week or so and he had a "grandfathered" refund for his long
  • Date: 8/21/18 3:42 PM
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Hi Ben,

My $190 calls are out of the money

With the share price around $200, your $190 short calls are about $10 IN the money. You will want to roll before the 29August2018 ex-dividend date.

  • Date: 8/21/18 10:15 AM
  • Number: 8305
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This morning I rolled my SQ 7September2018 $75 covered calls (part of the recommended protective collar but with an earlier expiry) to 28September2018 $76 calls for a net credit of 95¢. It will be interesting to see what Pro does a couple of
  • Date: 8/20/18 10:32 AM
  • Number: 426
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This is an attempt to continue on the correct board. The earlier thread was at (Continued...)
  • Date: 8/17/18 4:41 PM
  • Number: 614
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Hi folks,

BUD hit $100.00 just as the market closed & then went back down again. Can we still be assigned after hours?

Yes, but it isn't an automatic assignment. An automatic assignment occurs when a contract
  • Date: 8/17/18 1:53 PM
  • Number: 1165
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Hi VF,

In early August, I rolled my Aug 42.50 covered call to a Nov 42.50, getting a net 1.90, thus reducing my personal break even to 41.25.

Then came the special dividend and I now have an arbitrary Nov 39.50 call. Now, as Jim

  • Date: 8/17/18 12:42 AM
  • Number: 1627
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Hi vfries,

I have 400 shares of SWKS purchased in March 2018 for $97.64. I've sold expired calls twice for a $5.15 net credit. Current price is $91.41. Question is this: Sell shares now and take a $1.08 loss,or keep the shares and
  • Date: 8/17/18 12:40 AM
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Hi Twill,

I also have the Aug17 $95 Put expiring tomorrow. I received $2.40 Premium when I wrote the Put in June.

Request assistance in determining which of the two below options would be better to roll out too.


  • Date: 8/16/18 11:12 PM
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Hi Paul,

Or should I sells calls at a strike lower than my cost basis in hopes of a higher premium but at increased risk of taking a loss on this stock if it gets called away ? All the $95 calls between now and February are paying over
  • Date: 8/16/18 5:36 PM
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Hi Wise,

By my calculations, our short $180 Sep calls have about 33¢ in time value left. They might be at risk for dividend poaching in the near future.

I would say that the short calls are at risk of dividend
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Take me back to where I was.
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