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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 1/21/19 4:23 PM
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MLK rejected using walls to divide people, as he said in a speech to over 20,000 while visiting East and West Berlin in 1964. He said:

It is indeed an honor to be in this city, which stands as a symbol of the division of men on
  • Date: 1/21/19 12:34 PM
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Dope: "The amount of hate the left wing continues to spew here on a daily basis never fails to disappoint."-------->freakish lefty scum buckets who canít get over their President Trump derangement syndrome..

  • Date: 1/21/19 9:14 AM
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"I don't want to brag, but I just completed a jigsaw puzzle in just one week, and the box said 2-4 years!"
  • Date: 1/20/19 1:51 PM
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Students from a Catholic school involved in a video showing them mocking Native Americans outside the Lincoln Memorial could potentially face expulsion, according to the diocese. In a joint statement,...

...the Roman Catholic Diocese
  • Date: 1/19/19 6:38 PM
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He went on and on about drugs and thugs and rapists and how immigrant moms are giving their daughters birth control for "when" the coyotes assault them on their way to the border...gangs flooding in, etc. However....

...not A
  • Date: 1/18/19 4:32 PM
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<<Old Klingon Proverb: Revenge is a dish best served cold.>>

Best warming method-- high, protracted Democrat heat.
  • Date: 1/18/19 3:01 PM
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(from Occupy Democrats via FB):

"Donald Trump was the dumbest (Lord's name taken in vain) student I ever had."

...which resulted in the worst (Lord's name taken in vain) president we've ever had.
  • Date: 1/17/19 4:49 PM
  • Number: 2242239
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From the former RNC chairman:

He has no idea what to do with this woman. He has no idea. Thatís why heís sitting in the White House frustrated, because sheís not biting on the kernels of crazy heís putting out there.

  • Date: 1/16/19 5:57 PM
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Baaaaa....What i love day you people will think of the good old days.

We will! long as "one day" means the day you write your GBF and stick to it.
  • Date: 1/16/19 2:04 PM
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"ISIS is defeated."

Mike makes timing (and lying) great again.
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Take me back to where I was.
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