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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 3/18/19 9:33 PM
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I have a sneaking suspicion that NFLX will ALSO break with its ad-free mantra - and will pursue ad revenue for two situations - live sports streaming (if they pursue this) - and for developing countries once NFLX taps out the top income
  • Date: 3/18/19 6:03 PM
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..hey Cobra, feel better soon dude!...hope all goes well in your recovery!..

..did you have traditional laparoscopic or the robotic procedure?..
  • Date: 3/18/19 2:15 PM
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That they will. And if I'm right and it is predominantly attributed to pilot error, you have to play 1:1 water polo with me - I call dibs on the yellow ducky inner tube.

..indeed, then we'll go
  • Date: 3/18/19 1:44 PM
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..assuming the data is correct, only about half of the total (57) were Tesla driver/occupants..

..the rest were in other cars, bicyclists, and pedestrians..

..and where's the data for the "german luxury
  • Date: 3/18/19 1:28 PM
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These are the kinds of numbers that show you the direct impact of that quantity and quality of pilot training could be having on passenger jet safety, and how that varies from region to region.

..pilot training and
  • Date: 3/18/19 11:54 AM
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Volkswagen's E-Golf to travel 466 miles its current range is 186 miles on a single charge, making it comparable to ranges achieved by conventional gas-powered vehicles.

..but to finish the quote:

  • Date: 3/17/19 11:23 PM
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..also to consider.. the past, one might post the same content to each of the applicable boards.. someone posting to the SA Tesla board, might copy and paste it to the other Tesla boards as
  • Date: 3/17/19 10:37 PM
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..hey Duuuude1.5, if your suggestion that there's a lack of skills with Ethiopian airlines, the safety record of Lion Air, and Ethiopian Air exceed that of Southwest, who flies 737's exclusively, and has a slew of 737
  • Date: 3/17/19 6:03 PM
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If FSD has any known value, why aren't they giving it away right now, in order to get that data?

..aren't they doing that already?.. pay to activate it for yourself, but Tesla installs it on every
  • Date: 3/16/19 7:13 PM
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..excellent advice for these boards, and all aspect of life actually..
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Take me back to where I was.
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