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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 10/17/18 8:13 AM
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Hi Starrob,
As far as I can tell, what Gary Alexander does is take a superficial look and then say that everything is too high. Since he almost always says the same thing, I don't find his articles very useful and I find it hard to take him
  • Date: 10/17/18 7:23 AM
  • Number: 47513
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Saul look at what YOU started and created. Look at all the wealth you have helped create and the knowledge you have helped spread. This board changes lives.

Hi Austin, Thanks so much for your kind words!
  • Date: 10/17/18 7:20 AM
  • Number: 47511
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As I read the discussion, I think they said it will be slightly accretive to revenue per share, adjusted earnings per share, and cash flow per share, all before any cross-selling, or other integration.

Also Jeff Lawson indicated that the
  • Date: 10/16/18 9:41 PM
  • Number: 47502
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This episode with Twilio’s acquisition, and the stock hitting a low in the morning of down 12, 13, 14%, I don’t know exactly, and then finishing just down less than a percent, has me thinking how the world has changed and how lucky we
  • Date: 10/16/18 2:42 PM
  • Number: 47500
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My take on theTwilio acquistion of SendGrid

My Initial Impressions
First: Twilio is growing 60% per year. What do they need to acquire an email company for?

Second: Jeff Lawson is a gifted guy who has
  • Date: 10/15/18 6:17 PM
  • Number: 47456
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To me, this is an odd argument. Saul has the entire universe of American stocks that he can purchase. He has decided the right strategy right now is to focus on a subset of those stocks, mostly cloud-related stocks. This was a real strategic
  • Date: 10/15/18 1:32 PM
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Monday Morning Rules of The Board

An Explanation of this Post: In the first six months of 2018 our board had exploded with new posters whose well intentioned excitement had led to a lot of superfluous off-topic posts,
  • Date: 10/14/18 6:35 PM
  • Number: 47420
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Tinker, I am constantly amazed how you, as an attorney, and presumably a non-techie like me, can have such a great grasp on these tech issues. Thanks for your discussion.
  • Date: 10/14/18 5:06 PM
  • Number: 47414
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Thanks Starrob, that was a very well-organized and useful summary of the Okta Presentation. I, for one, really appreciated it.
  • Date: 10/13/18 11:10 AM
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The Fool has evidently decided to sell ad space on our posting windows, using Google. I keep getting the same ad from Google. (I must have clicked on it once by accident so it keeps sending it to me).

Google gives a place to X-out the ad,
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Take me back to where I was.
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