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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 6/24/19 11:31 PM
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This is not that difficult to understand. You provide a second point of security that is not on the centralized server and thus make, as an example, phishing acquired credentials largely worthless. You also minimize the risk of insider jobs. Do all
  • Date: 6/23/19 4:20 PM
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Moving to ad supported product for Netflix is not an easy thing. Netflix is probably on the streaming devices of 90%+ of people who have cut the cord and probably in a good percentage of homes who have not cut the cord. These people pay between
  • Date: 6/22/19 8:14 PM
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You know, I heard all the same stuff with ACID for MongoDB. How SQLs were perfect for ACID, document DB will never be the same etc.

What Mongo has done is create a security system within its database project that is novel enough that even
  • Date: 6/21/19 10:42 PM
  • Number: 57144
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Kahneman said that portfolio managers should try to have fewer ideas, make fewer changes in their portfolios, and have less trust in their confidence.Ē

That is not off topic it is a core thesis of this board. Limit what is discussed here in
  • Date: 6/19/19 7:33 PM
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I think the key here is that Alteryx is like Excel, in that Apple cannot even give Numbers away because everyone needs to use Excel as it is what everyone's processes are built on. Alteryx is the same way.

Therefore, it will take a lot
  • Date: 6/19/19 9:05 AM
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In contrast Talend sells (and in fact specializes in) cloud only ETL. One could actually go that way...

Understand the computing efficiency issue, and new platforms create opportunity for disruption. I don't see the cloud titans
  • Date: 6/18/19 1:22 AM
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Please ignore typos. Godís was suppose to be got,
Etc. Typed it on a tiny iPhone SE. Dang auto correct. But you get the gist.
  • Date: 6/18/19 12:56 AM
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You could see it in real time as well. I sold out of NVDA early last year. It was time to move on. I stupidly played earnings in October buying back Nvidia for a day or two and losing 20% on the earnings debacle (thought things just could not be
  • Date: 6/17/19 9:35 PM
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I voted other. Why? Look at Mongo for example and how it is rapidly growing into a worldwide standard and expanding its product reach. Remember, the database (like the OS on the desktop) is the core "operating" system of the cloud.
  • Date: 6/17/19 9:30 PM
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One very powerful reason to sell, is you sell even the Gorilla, if the Gorilla becomes disrupted.

Lets take AOL. AOL was the king of dial up. They fell down the tubes when the next platform of broadband became mainstream. We talked about
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Take me back to where I was.
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