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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 10/15/18 12:27 PM
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Like you, DH and I are risk-averse, have our expenses covered by Social Security and have no kids.

1. CDs at Discover Bank, Synchrony Bank and Purepoint Bank are yielding around 3%. I set up CD ladders at several banks, keeping the
  • Date: 10/14/18 6:00 PM
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It's a sign of market confidence that nobody is discussing the roller-coaster week we just experienced. The Fear & Greed Index is still in Extreme Fear but this has cycled so many times in the past couple of years from Extreme Fear to
  • Date: 10/13/18 9:08 PM
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DH recently had a tooth pulled and was off his food. I made him a nourishing custard which is similar to yours but heavier on the eggs so higher in protein.

3 eggs
1 cup heavy cream
3 tbsp sugar
1/4 tsp Lite Salt
1 tsp
  • Date: 10/8/18 9:11 PM
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I used to organize and teach classes in Excel when I was working. Just because.
  • Date: 9/29/18 2:37 PM
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This is an excellent article illustrating the complex international connections which are influenced by many disparate macroeconomic forces.

  • Date: 9/29/18 1:28 AM
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Jeff, are you all packed? Aren't you leaving tomorrow on a months-long journey to Asia?
  • Date: 9/28/18 9:10 PM
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May be of interest to REITs who hold nursing home properties.

  • Date: 9/28/18 12:51 PM
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Happy days are here again, with good economic growth, record corporate profits and record stock market. Why gloom about an impending recession?

  • Date: 9/28/18 12:36 PM
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<It's called "Progressive Taxation" and is really common in many countries including my own.>

Tim, progressive taxation refers to increasing taxe rates on increasing current income. (The U.S. has this, like
  • Date: 9/27/18 5:27 PM
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<US Households have $107 Trillion of Net Worth. There's never going to be an issue of whether or not we can pay off $19 Tn of debt. We could pay it off tomorrow if we wanted. >

Household net worth totally irrelevant to government
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Take me back to where I was.
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