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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 6/22/19 2:06 PM
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I hope the memories of El Stupido being a happy dumb-dumb will be a comfort to you and your family. You gave him a good life.

Yes, he was absolutely the dumbest dog around and because (and in spite of) that a great joy to
  • Date: 6/20/19 12:24 PM
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Thanks guys.

He went quickly and peacefully, the vet thinks the tumor actually burst since his belly was so distended by the time we got there.

The kids were a mess; tonight we have to tell the youngest. :(

This is the
  • Date: 6/20/19 9:23 AM
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I'm taking him to the vet to be put to sleep in a little bit.

"Deaf, mostly blind but happy" at his checkup in early May, but yesterday the kids called me at work in a panic because he was getting sick, shaking, uncomfortable
  • Date: 6/17/19 10:32 PM
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Me too sweet Hunzi. You are a gem and my heart hurts for you.

  • Date: 6/17/19 10:38 AM
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Hi Hunzi!!

For the artwork and quotes: any offices, nursing homes, new consultants just starting out, etc. you could donate the stuff you aren't moving in to the new space?

That could give it a new framework in your head to
  • Date: 6/17/19 10:35 AM
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Similar advice from me: Eldercare attorney, also contact your stat's social services - they will have recommendations for the stuff Medicaid won't cover (Meals on Wheels type services).

But the attorney we paid was worth every
  • Date: 6/10/19 11:12 PM
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You’re famous!!!!

  • Date: 6/10/19 3:51 PM
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This seems appropriate for this board as a way of my saying hello, long time no see.



  • Date: 5/28/19 10:11 AM
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But she just got turned down for TennCare, Tennessee’s version of Medicaid, so there’s no money for assisted living or in home help anyway.

We hired an elder care attorney to help us through the process.

It was expensive,
  • Date: 5/21/19 4:11 PM
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Canned beans???


I'd have killed her thirty times over by now, if she hadn't passed on her own.

Between canned beans, beans in chili, Xmas cards without personalized notes....poor lady would have
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Take me back to where I was.
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