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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 1/17/19 3:11 PM
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. * with me * .
  • Date: 1/16/19 9:35 AM
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When the people who said a decade or so ago that WE need a wall, and were happy to spend US taxpayer dollars to build a wall for JORDAN, agree to allow money to be spent building a wall for US...

The short answer: no.

  • Date: 1/14/19 2:40 PM
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Also, Canada doesn't have a big drug problem and a border with Mexico where MS-13 members flood across the border, setting up drug gangs, having battles with rivals, fighting for turf in US cities and drug routes.

Flash back to
  • Date: 1/14/19 2:33 PM
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Simple: carbon tax

The moment you use the word "tax" you lose. Nobody hears anything you say after that. You lose 100% of the Reds, 75% of the independents, and 35% of the Blues.

These are actual internet
  • Date: 1/13/19 9:27 PM
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What we need is for the government to SPEND LESS!

Said critics of the Marshall Plan, because who cares if Europe is unstable and communism takes hold? Itís a whole ocean away, after all. And why do we need customers anywhere but
  • Date: 1/13/19 9:14 PM
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basically, your reason for doubting the Great Wall's relevance is pretty weak because it leaves out most of the Wall's length and most of the Wall's history.

In the very first class of military strategy you learn that
  • Date: 1/13/19 4:20 PM
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He doesn't have enough IQ points to decorate a pair of dice.

Can't imagine who they were talking about...
  • Date: 1/13/19 8:16 AM
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Why does a train only have one set of eyes looking out the windshield, when an airliner has two sets?

Because if the only pilot has a heart attack the plane probably crashes. If the only train engineer has a heart attack he takes
  • Date: 1/10/19 2:08 PM
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That's the problem. If you raise voters' energy costs by $500 per year (to pick a number at random), they will get upset with you - especially if they don't have an extra $500 per year in their budget to float that cost.
  • Date: 1/9/19 8:07 PM
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The issue that many lower income families face is that consumption taxes take up such a large portion of their total income; because consumption takes up 100% of it. (I include property taxes here because even if you rent you are paying those
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Take me back to where I was.
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