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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 6/25/19 10:47 PM
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People want to donate diapers and toys to children at Border Patrol facilities in Texas.

  • Date: 6/25/19 10:36 PM
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Is this what Jesus would do?

This is what the Republican Jesus would do. Even though the "real" Jesus would have to have been brown and poor, Republicans despise brown, poor people. Even brown, poor babies. They would
  • Date: 6/24/19 4:50 PM
  • Number: 2261195
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On Bloomberg they said that Trump was referring to countries like China who get the vast majority of their oil (90%?) through Hormuz.

So China should build-up a military presence in the M.E. ...sounds like a great idea....right?
  • Date: 6/24/19 4:49 PM
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"Why should US protect international shipping in Strait of Hormuz? Let them protect their own ships", Trump says via Tweet

  • Date: 6/23/19 11:44 AM
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. . . the American people expect those borders to be controlled.

1. What do you mean by "controlled?"

2. Which "American people?"

3. Why?

  • Date: 6/22/19 9:55 AM
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Proton -- I've never understood how, after actually reading the Bible, anyone can come away believing that the "Supreme" Being it describes is anything but evil. I left religion long ago after actually reading the Bible -- not quite
  • Date: 6/21/19 10:50 PM
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<<If we have consulates in these countries why don't we have people apply for refugee or immigration status inside the countries. If 100,000 hondurans want to immigrate to the US, have them apply in Honduras. The US could provide safe
  • Date: 6/20/19 8:22 AM
  • Number: 2260724
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The DEMOCRATIC House has passed dozens of good laws--that the REPUBLICAN Senate refuses to take up. It's Mitch McConnell who's the do-nothing, not Nancy Pelosi!

gawd, I'm sick of Trump's lies!

What's even
  • Date: 6/19/19 6:33 PM
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But it's not about that, nigel. It's about profits. Because everything in America to Republicans is about profits. Unless, of course, it's about power over women and dark skinned people.

  • Date: 6/19/19 10:56 AM
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Biden, for the same reasons as Ken. We need the independent voters in too many states to risk Warren -- much as I'd love to see her in the office.

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Take me back to where I was.
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