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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 10/14/08 3:51 PM
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CNN just did a story exposing the Palin's association with the AIP (Alaskan Independence Party) and, of course, the McCain campaign is all bent out of shape about it.

Apparently, it's ok to charge association with Terrorists against Obama
  • Date: 1/30/06 8:11 AM
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Groundhog Day

This year, both Groundhog Day and the State of the Union Address fall on the same day.

As Air America Radio pointed out, "It is an ironic juxtaposition:

One involves a meaningless ritual in which we look to
  • Date: 10/7/04 9:49 AM
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I'm voting for Bush as an "Anyone But Kerry" vote. That is how much Kerry has turned me off.

Bush is neither conservative fiscally, nor has he been particularly organized internationally. Bush has been as political as Clinton,

  • Date: 1/30/13 8:25 PM
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I just received the following email from Elly:

Hi Angel May,

I've been in a fog for the past couple of days... Thanks so much for your
efforts and support... He didn't make it -- he moved on Sunday night around
7:09 PM.

  • Date: 10/3/04 9:19 AM
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...Why would Bush object to federal employees exposing WRONGDOING?

Congress Moves to Protect Federal Whistleblowers
Over strenuous objections from the Bush administration, Congress is moving to increase
  • Date: 3/27/06 11:20 AM
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If you are an atheist, what keeps you from lying, cheating, stealing, etc. when it suits your self-interest and you are reasonably sure you could get away with it?

I ask this from a perspective of wondering what *I* would do if I

  • Date: 8/3/05 10:42 AM
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Someone here within the past day, I think, said something that keeps nagging and nagging at me. I'm ashamed I didn't consider it myself. The question was, if I might paraphrase: If Christians are so interested in having alternative views
  • Date: 12/4/05 9:11 PM
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All of you keep screaming how she is not a real pharmacist since she doesn't understand the drug involved with Plan B. Well, she does understand the drug. She simply believes life starts at fertilization and, thus, Plan B is an abortion pill

  • Date: 2/13/16 6:34 PM
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Moments After Scalia’s Death Is Confirmed, GOP Senate Staffer Pledges To Block Any Obama Replacement

Well surprise, surprise!


I have never in my life seen such a traitorous government.
They don't even
  • Date: 6/10/13 4:45 PM
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0x6a74 passed away today.
My best friend is gone.

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Take me back to where I was.
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