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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 10/17/18 4:38 PM
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AlphaWolf and many other PA lefties do not have an actual argument.

Not comprehending an argument is not the same thing as not having one.
  • Date: 10/17/18 4:35 PM
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And I'm loving that you guys still don't understand why you are repellent to the normals.

And I find it hilarious that you guys are still trying to coin yourselves as "normals".
  • Date: 10/17/18 4:31 PM
  • Number: 2229086
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Its a dangerous time for young white men in America. Trump said something like that. He also said you get great press if you have a young and beautiful POA on your arm.
  • Date: 10/17/18 4:29 PM
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President Donald Trump told the Associated Press that he has a "natural instinct for science"...

He is so FOS.
  • Date: 10/17/18 12:08 PM
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The TrumpFraudFamily™ has a long, sorry history of criminal fraud. They have told us what they are about. We should believe them.

  • Date: 10/17/18 10:30 AM
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But in just a few sentences the used the phrase 'very strongly' over and over. He's such a mental midget. Only a narcissist could talk like he does and think he's 'very smart', and 'very stable genius'. What's
  • Date: 10/17/18 10:25 AM
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"Not likely to be true? She grew up hearing this."

I know that Senator Warren says that she grew up hearing this. It just doesn't seem likely that there was a lot of talk about native americans in her family if you consider
  • Date: 10/17/18 8:11 AM
  • Number: 2228998
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"For all my life, my mother had told me I was part American Indian and I believed her. "

Not likely to be true considering the that she took guarantees that five generations of her family was without anything but the whitest of
  • Date: 10/16/18 7:34 AM
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Show me where ANY of this helps Central Oregonian's? Our roads are falling apart here.

Yet you want billions spent on a wall.
  • Date: 10/15/18 6:52 PM
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It WAS destructive anyway.
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Take me back to where I was.
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