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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 6/19/08 9:27 PM
  • Number: 17342
  • Recommendations: 63
The time has arrived, today marks the 5th anniversary of Tom Gardner's first Hidden Gems pick and thus the 5th anniversary of the scorecard as we now know it. To celebrate I am posting this "alternative" scorecard that compares Hidden Gems
  • Date: 6/24/07 7:02 PM
  • Number: 13753
  • Recommendations: 55
Normally this kind of thing doesn't bother me much but this one just seems especially egregious and I'm hoping it doesn't signal the marketing direction at The Fool. I received a letter in the mail (old fashioned real paper) with the jester cap on
  • Date: 8/11/08 1:13 AM
  • Number: 3938
  • Recommendations: 52
    Our mission at Hidden Gems is to dig up superior
businesses selling at a discount, then settle
in for some long-term out-performance.

-Tom Gardner, Sep 2003

And so my HG journey
  • Date: 12/31/05 11:23 AM
  • Number: 9225
  • Recommendations: 45
It's that time of year when we look back and reflect on the past 12 months. In that spirit here are this year's HG returns. Note that the returns below are more "realistic" than the official scorecard in that they use price data from after
  • Date: 1/1/08 9:23 PM
  • Number: 15637
  • Recommendations: 43
Another year has passed and as we look forward to the new one I ran the results for HG during 2007 against a number of indexes. Keep in mind of course that the returns differ from the official scorecard because I use end of day prices instead of
  • Date: 8/12/04 9:44 PM
  • Number: 5620
  • Recommendations: 43
Today marks exactly one year since I subscribed to Hidden Gems, so I thought it might be helpful to me if I reflected a bit on my experience. It has certainly been quite a ride. As I look at my HG portfolio I see a lot of red, so that brings a few
  • Date: 6/21/06 12:36 AM
  • Number: 10719
  • Recommendations: 41
We have passed the 3 year mark of Tom G.'s debut with Hidden Gems so here are some overall performance numbers. Be sure to read the notes below for explanation on how the returns are calculated. Enjoy.

Results as of

  • Date: 6/19/07 11:24 PM
  • Number: 13717
  • Recommendations: 40
Today marks the 4 year anniversary of Hidden Gems as we know it so I thought I would post what I am now tentatively calling The Klingsor4 Memorial Scorecard. The performance results cover all HG picks from the time TomG took over the service.
  • Date: 2/12/06 5:14 PM
  • Number: 3434
  • Recommendations: 32
HG Tiny Gems Summary for February 11, 2006:

This is a list of stocks included in the Tiny Gems section of the Hidden Gems monthly newsletter. From the July 2004 Hidden Gems issue: Each issue in Tiny Gems I'll bring you my
  • Date: 12/31/04 5:31 PM
  • Number: 6566
  • Recommendations: 32
Year's end has once again snuck up on us, so I thought this would be a good time to take a look back at how the HG picks performed in 2004. This should be a fairly realistic look since I will be using start prices available to all members for each
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Take me back to where I was.
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