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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 3/20/19 6:21 PM
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When we were traveled to various places around the world, my wife had a couple of things she looked for. Did the banks have rifle-toting guards standing near the entrance? Did the (upscale) department stores have a bouncer/concierge at the

  • Date: 3/20/19 4:26 PM
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If I didnít have to worry about health insurance or anyone but myself, and didnít plan on traveling much, I could easily make it on $20k a year or probably even less. But I happen to live in a very low COL area; my property tax, for example, is only
  • Date: 3/19/19 5:56 PM
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Have you tried plugging different scenarios into FireCalc?
  • Date: 3/19/19 3:54 PM
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I bought one for cheap on Amazon Prime Day (which was in July, I think). Itís still sitting on my counter unused. If you were still here in town, Iíd happily pass it along to you!!
  • Date: 3/19/19 1:16 PM
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Why not just hit ďignoreĒ then? Why start a WHOLE NEW THREAD just to complain about another thread??

As a person whose only issue with respect to early retirement is health insurance, this issue has a lot of relevance to me. A significant
  • Date: 3/19/19 1:05 PM
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My point is there are options to traditional insurance 3rd party payer and Gov Single payer emerging. More and more people I know are taking advantage of them. Medical cost sharing in particular is on the rise among my cohort. Led by some

  • Date: 3/19/19 11:55 AM
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Edith of course you're right in some part of the spectrum of care. But for the lion's share of what most of us need from doc's it looks like a win IMHO.

Hm. Maybe. I work in insurance and I know for a fact that
  • Date: 3/19/19 1:26 AM
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I understand that they're going to investigate Trump's "hand specialist" down in Florida.

Iím pretty sure it wasnít hands that were her specialty....
  • Date: 3/19/19 1:23 AM
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Is it that the VA suddenly has superior service? Am I mistaken in recollecting that there has been an issue for quite some time in getting veterans in for care quickly. Am I mistaken about hospital conditions being an issue?

  • Date: 3/18/19 9:37 PM
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Whenever I hear about "dignity" I think about the VA hospitals - and how much worse
the care provided is when there is a government run system.

Wondering if you have personal experience with this. Coworker is a vet
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Take me back to where I was.
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