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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 6/25/19 2:18 AM
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Here's another clue: the satellite data on global temperature. The raw data goes through an evaluation process and then an adjustment process. It turns out there's a very nice linear relationship between atmospheric CO2 and how large a
  • Date: 6/25/19 2:11 AM
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How do we know this? The reason we know this is that climate scientists figured it out. The same climate scientists who conclude that the current warming is caused by humans and is a threat. On what basis do you accept some of their conclusions,
  • Date: 6/24/19 7:09 PM
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The warming started ~~~FOURTEEN THOUSAND YEARS AGO. Let that sink in:

You need to take a closer look. The warming - approximately 7 degrees celsius - did indeed start about 14,000 years ago, but it was substantially complete by about
  • Date: 6/24/19 3:05 AM
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I will admit that when I read the words "flashbang bra", a holster for a firearm was not the first thing I thought of.
  • Date: 6/23/19 5:36 PM
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People move from being poor and having multiple children just to survive to having less children as the get richer and more comfortable.

This tendency was observed in the late 1700s/early 1800s, if not before, with citations of
  • Date: 6/23/19 12:35 PM
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I can remember being in grade school and people claiming that human population growth was unsustainable and that the Earth would not be able to support our species within XX number of years. Doom and gloom. (I also remember the frantic cries that
  • Date: 6/23/19 12:21 PM
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Except the Trump administration has already admitted to it in court. You know you're on the wrong side of history when your only defense is that your concentration camps aren't as bad as the other ones.

Calling a facility the
  • Date: 6/22/19 11:12 PM
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Thus your statement is TOTALLY false and made up. Fake News from the leftists.....

Well, you see, if a ten-mile square has a name, and in one period a hundred acres in the northeast corner are used to do something bad, and seven
  • Date: 6/22/19 4:56 PM
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Last surviving prosecutor at Nuremberg trials says Trump's family separation policy is ‘crime against humanity

Was it a crime against humanity when previous administrations, including the Obama administration, did
  • Date: 6/22/19 2:40 PM
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I understand that some of these camps were first developed to house Japanese interned during WWII. Our liberal friends thoughtfully preserved these relics of Franklin Roosevelt for new occupants.

And a couple of those camps'
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Take me back to where I was.
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