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Take me back to where I was.
  • Date: 10/14/18 9:14 PM
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Trump called Def. Sec. Jim "Mad Dog" Mattis a "Democrat" and offered lukewarm support. Based on this, Jim Mattis has been placed on the deathwatch of Trump officials who will soon be unemployed.

In a “60 Minutes”
  • Date: 10/14/18 7:45 PM
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I view air travel almost as a guilty pleasure. Main thing I like to do is read. Having solid blocks of uninterrupted time to read is a rare luxury, and I take full advantage. I like to have two or three good books queued up on the Kindle and read
  • Date: 10/14/18 5:20 PM
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How come you didn't read this in the liberal lamestream media?

I'm pretty sure it is a liberal conspiracy to keep this under wraps. Thanks for keeping tabs on this for us tele.

Oh, there was a hurricane in
  • Date: 10/12/18 4:38 PM
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80% Millionaires

Yes, if you assume people answered the poll honestly.

I believe it. Many (most?) of the people on this board have been at TMF for two decades-ish. That means they've had an interest in
  • Date: 10/12/18 2:40 PM
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I hate to sound like the corporate defender here, but we consumers have no one but ourselves to blame. We all go on Expedia and buy tickets based on the lowest price, so airlines are giving us exactly what we are asking for.

If you
  • Date: 10/12/18 2:17 PM
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Of course, that's not the way it happens in real life. Taxes for the average person have been dropping. All the so-called "tax cuts for the wealthy" (e.g. Reagan tax cuts, Bush tax cuts, Trump tax cuts) have been tax cuts across the
  • Date: 10/9/18 3:27 PM
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Just one day after a watch dog group asked for an investigation her use of free travel on private jets.

One thing you can say about the Trump administration, they like to travel in style.

  • Date: 10/9/18 3:23 PM
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My, did THAT cause a tizzy among liberals around here! However, their complaints to the Seattle Police did not result in my being arrested or the cops pulling downs the handbills ----the liberals had to organize their own handbill removal
  • Date: 10/9/18 3:17 PM
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I can't stop watching it.
  • Date: 10/9/18 1:15 PM
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WHAT! You mean Obamacare doesn't allow for people to fly around the country for free when they are sick?

I suppose if that's a luxury you really want, you should be prepared to buy and pay for insurance that covers that expense.

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Take me back to where I was.
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