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Subject:  Re: waiting to hear II Date:  4/24/1997  12:11 AM
Author:  bry Number:  14 of 49686

On Fri, 18 Apr 97 21:38:49 -0600, y wrote:
<< continue wating
call the company agian - showing interest in job
give up and look elsewhere

Which do you recomend?
How long is reasonable to wait 'patiently' after interviewing?

IMHO, keep looking, but keep hope alive for a little while
longer at least.

I've been blown off several times by places I've
interviewed at, never hearing from them again after the
interview. One time, I called to find out the situation
and was told, lamely "Oh, I asked the secretary to notify
you we selected someone else, but I guess she never did".
I had stopped looking in the meantime while waiting to
hear the decision, so I felt quite burned by the experience.

Now, I think the best policy is to continue hunting right
up until you get an offer (and maybe even until you accept
it!). You've got nothing to lose, and if you get multiple
offers, you can weigh them against each other. You also
might be able to prod a slow-moving company into moving
faster with an offer to you if they know you are waiting
to hear from other companies.

Which brings up my other point...just because you haven't
heard anything doesn't necessarily mean there is no
interest. I've personally seen the HR beauracracy at my company stretch simple interviewing/hiring tasks out over weeks and months, despite the best efforts of our dept to speed things up. It's like that at many places: one time,
I was called a month after I started a new job, by a
company I had interviewed with 2 months earlier.
Apparently they had just finally finished their decision- making process and secured the go-aheads and wanted to know if I was still available and interested!

Anyway, if you really need to know or are afraid they'll
think you lost interest, give 'em another call. But
better than a secretary or an HR person would be to
talk to one of the people involved with actually hiring
you into that dept. Do you know the name of the person
who would be your boss? He/she would probably be the best person to ask about your status.

Good luck!

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