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Subject:  Re: index funds Date:  2/27/1998  12:40 PM
Author:  deep Number:  1995 of 92649

Greetings, Pixy :)

<<In no way did I say someone would consistently beat the market year in and year out...What I did imply and believe firmly is that over the long haul (say ten or more years), one can beat the market (quite soundly I might add) on an annualized basis.>>

Which is what I meant by "consistently beat the market", I hope nobody expects to beat the market EVERY year. I guess that was poor word choice on my part.

<<How? Just use one of the Dow strategies...37 years history decisively shows superior performance>>

I was comparing indexing vs. actively managing your portfolio, in terms of the importance of research, etc. Of couse this would be a moot point with any "mechanical" strategy.

<<Gregg's portfolio is an actively traded one.>>


<<You take the index, and I'll stick with my Dow strategy. Wanna measure total returns 15 years from today?>>

No bet. However, you take your Dow strategy and I'll take my own portfolio and we'll compare after-tax returns in 15 years :) After all, that's the bet I'm already making...


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