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Subject:  Re: Rollover IRAs Date:  3/17/1998  11:27 AM
Author:  TMFTaxes Number:  2736 of 128269

[[From what I can tell we will have more than we need in retirement accounts. I also have 403bs
from former employers. Can I roll those into an IRA which I could later hit for educational expenses
for my kids ? If so how long does the money have to be in the IRA ? (This all refers to regular not
Roth -to move our current IRAs to Roths requires way to much money to pay taxes.) Thanks]]

No problem moving your 403b funds to a rollover regular IRA. No problem at all. And, since the rollover would be to a regular IRA, there are no time limits that the funds have to be in place before you can remove the funds to pay for qualified higher education expenses and avoid the IRA penalty (but not the tax).

Just make sure that the student, institution, and expenses are all qualified for this purpose. The college should be able to provide you with detail informaion on these new tax breaks. You might want to check 'em out.

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