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Subject:  Re: Clarify, please? Date:  4/23/1998  8:14 PM
Author:  Andypants Number:  4032 of 74752

z3 said:
<<(Someone misposted that a 3-pack was $150. In fact, a SINGLE cartridge runs about $150, and a THREE pack will cost $400!!!)
You would need 170 ZIP disks to back up your hard drive, roughly the equivalent of 170 old HD disks to back up those old "huge" 250 MB drives that used to ship with 486 machines. <grin> We may not need the space now, but I guarantee we will want the space in the near future.>>

I believe they were talking about Jaz cartriges, not Jaz2.

How many times do Winston and several others on this board have to agree that Zip isn't a good full-disk-backup solution with the size of today's drives? Jeez! We know already. Zip is good for sharing files with pals, for taking work home, etc.... Your friend just *has* to see that soxmas.avi (a 50+MB South Park thingy), and you don't want to give them a $30(?) Sparq or $50 Jaz disk? Give 'em a cheap old Zip! This is the same reason that someone else around here has been pushing the idea of even smaller capacity Zip disks. Maybe Zip won't be the floppy replacement (biting my tongue), but whatever it is, I'd bet my ass it won't be a Gig.
Come to think of it, I am betting my ass.


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