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Subject:  Re: Crazy Machine - Part II Date:  6/8/1998  1:06 PM
Author:  Bottles Number:  2150 of 312293


<<I would like to thank the fellow Fools for making this forum possible. Knowing that I can discuss my problems and get sold ideas and encouragement has given me a ray of hope of achieving a debt-free future.>>

That is one of the main aspects of this board. I dont think I could have survived this long without this support mechinism (for lack of a better term). Alot of ppl (not all) who post on this board are in way over their head w/respect to Debt and fighting to reduce it (I'm this boat). Everyone is welcome here to add their plights, strategies, and methodologies to get out of debt (or how they got into it).

A large majority (it would appear and myself inclusive) have take great pains to own up to their debt and pay it off at some unfavorable, and other at more favorable terms. Other still have choosen the route of going to a Consumer Credit Group like CCS to have them manage their debts and aid in renegotiation.

Where you might see blackness and dispare... There really isn't. As you said you see a ray of Hope, Hold on to that for all its worth. You can & will get through this. It wont be tomorrow, nor the day after that. But slowly you'll begin to see the opening at the end of the tunnel and WILL emerge!

<<In general, I got in to this much debt the same way. My "emergencies" are unique to my family of course, I and won't bore you the details here.>>

Actully, I think all of us can benefit from them in general. Granted the specifics dont need to be there of all the options and discussion you and your wife made. But the generalities and of course whatever you are comfortable discussing here. If nothing else it might make ppl aware of some hidden costs in an emergency repair and aid you getting some pent up frustrations airred.

I do wish you luck. Hope you give an update to your situations soon.


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