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Subject:  Re: The Royal Family: The CK-nominees Date:  6/14/1998  12:40 PM
Author:  FoolforDa Number:  251 of 8329

CalicoJoe, first of all thank you for the response. I like your thoughts.

CalicoJoe says: "Microsoft may sound like a disease dreaded by all male actors in the adult film industry"

That is FUNNY! Micro Soft...I like that!

CalicoJoe: "But who wouldn't have liked to get in on them ten years ago, while they were still small players in an ever-increasing market?"

Sure, but that is not the point of CK's. That would fall under growth stocks, of which I am also interested. But here I am focusing on the CK portion of my portfolio.

CalicoJoe: "Cisco. Sure, you can also talk about Tellabs (TLAB) and Lucent (LU) sharing that market. Who will become the gorilla? Tough to say - maybe we ought to buy all three and when one starts to emerge as the leader, cash out of the other two and plug it all into #1"

Not a bad idea. But I'm still not sure I'm comfortable with them as a CK. I've personally never heard of them except on this board. And boy, after everything I've seen here I certainly want to check them out. They certainly seem to be well liked here. But I guess you are right that we can't always compare companies to Coke. How many could possibly come up to that kind of brand recognition!? Not many, but still, there are a lot of companies that fulfill it better than Cisco.

Thanks for your thoughts.


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