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Subject:  Re: Just gotta say it Date:  6/19/1998  1:19 PM
Author:  PSUEngineerFool Number:  2540 of 312236

Although I've seen some spirited discussions, and some simply unbelieveable threads, not once have I seen anything to even resemble a mean, snide, or biting remark that was meant to hurt.
On the contrary, the overwhelming attitude of the literally thousands of posters to these boards, both TMF faculty and us regular folk, is one of kindness, genuine caring, and IMHO, honesty.
I use to just come here to learn and to comment when I felt I had something worthwhile to add.
But it seems now I come sometimes just to reafirm to myself that there are good people in this world, and the attitudes that the folks who frequent the boards display are a fine example of that.

I come here for the same reason. But we have to always be vigilant. Boards such as these have a habit of degrading over time. A chat room I enjoyed was on Quantex computer web site (followed it while looking for a computer). In the beginning, alot of help advice was being given for problems with their computers. After awhile, it turned into a gripe session about the company and adolescent behavior that did not have anything to do with computing. Quantex has since discontinued the chat room.

We have to be watchful for 2 types of posters. The first is the newbies that don't understand computer etiquette. If we are kind to them and gently guide them, they improve over time and make quality contributions to these folders. The second is the attention grabber. These types rarely change their ways. It is best to ignore them and hope they go away. Comments directed toward them only reinforce their attitudes.

If you don't believe the second type can affect Fooldom, stroll over to the 3Dfx Interactive folder.

Let's hope these folders can stay as worderful as they are for a long time to come.
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