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Subject:  Re: How do Analysts analyze? Date:  7/3/1998  3:23 PM
Author:  SemperFiFool Number:  899 of 14486

This is what I've come to like about the Motley Fool in the couple months I've been reading, but not participating on the boards; there are some very thoughful people who contribute to the discussions.

Okay... what's the Brent, what does it do, and where do I find it?

Appreciate other contributors remarks about differentiating between analyzing and forecasting, and trying to figure out what is science vs art, as well.

Maybe some hemline or superbowl logic is as good here as anything else. I see by using one of the zillion options on my Schwab research charting page that Global Marine is trending towards being oversold, using their Relative Strength Index feature, and there's little short interest.

My inclination is that oil-related stocks are not the same as many other Motley Fool stocks, maybe a buy-em-&-hold-em for 10 years doesn't work so well. I'll go back and look at some of the majors and see what would have happened if I'd bought in 1976-to-date, then 1983-to-date. Robert Sherard (sp) says there is a 2-3% difference in the DJI (maybe S&P?) over 20 years, depending on whether you bought at a peak or valley in the market. Maybe it shakes out the same with oil-related-stocks, we'll see.

For now, I think that oil will be in an oversupply state for the next year.

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