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Subject:  Re: Roth IRA ....Still tax free after 30 years? Date:  9/17/1998  4:57 PM
Author:  TMFPixy Number:  5474 of 96146

Greetings, xxdustyxx, and welcome. You wrote:

I'm 27 and seriously considering converting my regular IRAs to Roths. How do I know whether the tax free withdrawal provision written into the Roth IRA Law will still be in effect in 30+ years? The regular IRA used to be tax deductible for everyone, now deductability is based on income. Who's to say whether congress will remove the tax deferred growth from the Regular IRA. Are there rules written into their respective laws that prohibit congress from doing such things? Where's my guarantee????

Since when did your mama promise you a rose garden? <g> Congress can and frequently does change the rules of the games we play. It's solely within the discretion of our elected representatives. Invariably, though, the changes are made prospectively, not retroactively. Therefore, IMHO if you have a Roth in place prior to any changes enacted by the Congress, then that Roth will be grandfathered under present rules. The subject of what that "esteemed" body will do in the future as it pertains to the Roth IRA has been discussed ad nauseum in this folder and in the Tax Strategies folder, as have the various aspects of converting tradtional IRAs to that vehicle. Do a thread search for the last six months in either folder and you will see literally hundreds of messages on the topics you raise.


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