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Subject:  Re: Thanks to TMFPixy & Bob78164 Date:  9/19/1998  4:03 PM
Author:  Rayvt Number:  5506 of 100076

<<I have been thinking about your opposition to converting to a Roth. Why should your position be any different for making new contributions? >>

"We can choose only among the available alternatives, no matter how many options we _wish_ were available."
Thomas Sowell

For converting an regular IRA to a Roth, we have two alternative options:
1) Do it. Pay taxes now. Maybe don't pay taxes later.
2) Don't do it. Don't pay any taxes now. Pay taxes later.

In both cases, you pay taxes once for sure. The equivalent amount of taxes in either case. But in case #1, there is a non-zero chance that you'll *also* pay taxes in the future.

When my choices are: 1) get beaten up, or 2) get beaten
up and maybe also get kicked----I'll take #1 every time.

For new contributions:
1) To a tax-deducutable IRA (Few people have this option available. And those that do generally can't afford to contribute the money.) Don't pay taxes now. Pay taxes later.
2) To a non-deductable IRA. Pay taxes now. ALSO pay taxes later.
3) To a Roth. Pay taxes now. Maybe don't pay taxes later.

#1 isn't available to most of us. Of the two remaining options, #3 is the best.

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