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Subject:  Re: How much Foolishness at 59? Date:  9/21/1998  2:52 PM
Author:  oldred22 Number:  20 of 21770

SlateBelt wrote:
>Any opinions out there on annuities?

Again beware of my opinions cause I am a real newbie to this but I sure have opinions.

What I have read about them is pretty much all negative in relation to the way they appreciate compared to stocks, plus they have costs that you have to pay (fees etc.)

Now I have one and just cause I was in a way overload mode (and being finacially knowledge impaired) I let it roll over as an annuity but this time I did the least amount of time (1 year commitment) and its supposedly a new kind that does an S&P index type fund so that you will get whatever the SP does as interest.

Because I only took it for a year the upside is a max of 10% return (the max time was three years but that would return whatever the S&P did for those 3 years), but the low side is a minimum of 3% return and the way the markets been that may be a good thing.

Anyway the biggest thing that bugs me personally about annuties is the time commitment that you have to make in terms of tying up your money or paying a penalty.

lol like I said I have more than enough opinions

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