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Subject:  Re: Thanks to TMFPixy & Bob78164 Date:  9/22/1998  10:54 PM
Author:  shess Number:  5562 of 102460

<there wasn't anything obviously inflammatory about it.>

SnootFool replied:
<<Like the old saying goes, if 10 people tell you you're drunk, go home & lie down, regardless of how you think you feel.>>

Probably good advice.

<Granted - but I think that's more due to the type of people [emphasis added] they are than the amount they can contribute. I suspect that many of the same people would contribute no more [more emphasis -scott] to an IRA if their income went up $10k or more.>

SnootFool replied:
<<I think most people assumed that you were saying that ALL people in the lowest income tax bracket are shiftless spendthrifts; i.e., 'poor' people are poor because of a character defect which prevents them from saving money, regardless of their income level.>>

Huh. Interesting take on what I said - I suppose it _could_ be read that way. What I intended it to mean, though, was that people who save money tend to save money pretty much regardless of how little they earn, whereas many people could get a substantial raise and not save any more money than they already do.

Live and learn, I guess,

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