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Subject:  Re: Free Advice Date:  11/25/1998  6:07 PM
Author:  TFoolery Number:  308 of 22090

Part two. Hit a wrong button and message was sent before I was done. Regrets.

Web sources of info in addition to Berkshire home page: Toronto Investment Club -- much solid long-term investment info. -- The Motley Fool BRKA bulletin board. THe BRKA board has some good info but one must wade through much other chatter since one guy has virtually taken over that board. Info about alot of investment things if you have the time and/or interest to wade through the pronouncements. etc... Yahoo BRKA bulletin board.

htp:// etc Morningstar wurprisingly has a bulletin board for Berkshire even though it is not a fund in any manner.

N. And finally. The price of BRKA today closed at $69,300/share and BRKB at $2,308. If you're still with me, one share of BRKB is like buying 100 shares of a $23 stock so it's really not as bad is it loooks initially. Seems Warren Buffett won't split the stock, says it would lead to speculation, etc. He puts his money where his mouth is since he and his family own over 40 percent of Berkshire stock. As he says, we eat what we cook.

N+1. Didn't intend to get so windy but wanted to give you enough to start thinking about this IRA/long-term investment path.

/s/ Tom.

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