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Subject:  Re: How many of you own apple stock? Date:  12/21/1998  7:55 PM
Author:  topalli Number:  3125 of 209688

I have owned AAPL since New Years Day 1998. I beleive I bought at $18 I bought again at $23 before the next quarters earning estimates in the spring. I have had no regrets. I figured I might as well match my purchase of a new laptop with a purchase of stock.

At the time the stock was suffering from a panic of people that thought that apple would go out of business. I thought that this was absurd at the time as apple customers weren't just going to roll over and start using PCs in my humble opinion.

Buying apple during a panic was a no brainer for me. The stock was depressed beyond reasonable levels based on ideas that were ludicrous.

I am still holding. I don't expect to see HUGE growth over the next year like I did last year but the show is definitely not over.

Apple has shown that it can introduce new products, bring back developers, and pull in 1 year of profit. I suspect that they should get a good bump out of the next quarter, particularly if they introduce a new Newton type device with the same success as iMac, or if they start a web portal.

I'd say buy just on the basis that your bound to get a decent return over 12 months. Spectacular returns I can't comment on buy I'd be suprised if this stock were not 50% higher in a year just because there is still so much skepticism in apple that is still wearing away (just look at the P/E compared to the direction that the company is obviously going)

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