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Subject:  Re: Yahoo analysis? Date:  2/24/1999  3:40 PM
Author:  fizzfazz Number:  1889 of 8329

BigHoo asked:
>>In what way do you see Microsoft as a potential competitor to Yahoo? <<

Yahoo! offers among other things web-based e-mail, calendar, contact list, to-do list. These are compelling pages for an advertiser-driven business because they are "sticky", causing users to return again and again and stay for extended periods. They also force the user to invest in site personalization leading to ongoing customer loyalty. Count me among the loyal!

But wait a minute, doesn't Microsoft offer desktop software with these functions? Yes and it's called Microsoft Outlook, part of the Office suite. By web-ifying Outlook and binding it to the MSN portal (or to the recently court-reclaimed Microsoft can leverage their monopoly in desktop applications. And while they're at it why not make MSN (or again the new "face" of Windows? They sure as heck better do all this and then some. Else not just Yahoo! but,, and threaten a major revenue stream.

Ever wonder why Microsoft was so determined to win the browser war? When not just the Browser but the Operating System and Application Suite all tightly integrate with the Microsoft "portal" you'll say "Oh yeah, that's why".
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