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Subject:  Looking for an attractive model Date:  3/14/1999  12:42 PM
Author:  danielrh Number:  9119 of 108790

I figured that subject would peak someone's interest. I am , in fact, looking for a financial model or calculation to help with an impending investment decision.
I am trying to determine if a non-deductible IRA will be better than a standard brokerage account as a savings vehicle for retirement.

The following facts and assumptions are at work here:
* I contribute the max to my 401k (an index fund)
* My wife does not have an employee sponsored plan
* Our AGI exceeds the limits for any deductible contributions
* We will apply the same investment approach to either the std. brokerage account or a self-directing IRA(possibly Foolish four or a buy and hold strategy)
* Our needs in retirement will be 100K annually

I guess the real question(s) boils down to: Will the tax deferred growth of the non-deductible IRA outweigh the benefits of only paying capital gains on the std. brokerage account?

I have been unable to locate or derive a good model to take into account he tax deffered growth and the long and/or short term capital gains implications.
Sorry for the lengthy messasge...any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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