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Subject:  Seizures Date:  5/12/1999  4:16 PM
Author:  cmonkey Number:  702 of 123310

Boy, I am just having the worst pet karma lately. Phoebe (my Schipperke) had a seizure last night; ordinarily I wouldn't be too concerned, but this is the third one this year. Now that's less than one a month, but it's more than she's ever had before (which is none).

As they go, it wasn't that severe; I could hear her little feet skittering around on the floor, and then she mostly stood and craned her neck. There was a bit of drooling, but it wasn't much. I patted her and talked to her and we waited it out. Then she went to sleep and horked down a big breakfast this morning (including most of Rita's; she's nothing if not a chow hound).

Has anyone ever had a pet who *occasionally* had seizures but was otherwise healthy? How do you determine when it's time to take them in for a checkup? Well obviously if they became common and/or intractable, but aside from that, should I take the 'well, right now they're infrequent, she's otherwise normal' attitude or should I panic? Is it just a personal comfort level at this point?

Can anybody fix my dog?

Wearily yours,
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