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Subject:  Re: Seizures Date:  5/13/1999  9:40 AM
Author:  TMFPsyche Number:  708 of 123303

Do you have a videocamera? If so, videotape a seizure if another comes about (which frankly, I hope it doesn't). My brother's cat went into seizures every now and again and they took him to 4 different vets. Taboo went through nuerous x-rays, brain scans, exams, medications, probes, and ultrasounds. None of the vets knew what was going on. When they wanted to do surgery, I convinced my brother to first go to my vet (my brother was a bit of a snob and didn't feel that a "country vet" <actually just small town> could figure out a problem so complex as a seizure)> He finally agreed, and my vet said "Videotape the seizure next time it happens and bring the tape and the cat in." My brother did this - the vet took one look at the tape and knew exactly what it was. Now how this is, I don't know... must be some kind of vet magic knowledge thing. But anyway, surgery was avoided, medication was used for a week, and Taboo has never had another seizure.

I wish you the best. Watching a cat go into a seizure (or any animal or person for that matter) is very difficult. I hope this is easily remedied, for your sake and the kitty's...

Thoughts and best wishes,
TMF Psyche
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