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Subject:  Re: Pet insurance Date:  5/21/1999  1:49 PM
Author:  TMFPsyche Number:  725 of 123310

Oh yeah. That's why I do my own vaccs. That way, the only shot-type things I have to pay for are rabies and heartworm tests. Can you just give them heartguard year-round so you don't have to have them tested every year? That's a lot of bucks!

I'm envious that you can do your own vaccinations. We take ours in and it's around $100 a cat for that alone. Are you a vet or vet tech, cmonkey? That would be *so* convenient! Our cat-sitter is a vet tech, so she has vaccinated one for us - but that was because we happened to be "fostering" that cat at the time, for her organization (but we grew attached on day one and never let that little kitty go - as we did with all of our fosters, actually...). We do use a mobile vet on occasion if we're doing a bunch of kitty vaccinations at one time. Line 'em up and ship 'em out... :)

This subject being brought up caused me to surf... as I tend to do (researcher by nature). I found the following sites on pet insurance:

The US seems to have slimmer pickings than the UK, which has many pet insurance programs. The above listings were the ones that popped up most often and seemed pretty interesting. I unfortunately don't have the time now to actually read the pages, but will be doing that this weekend.

TMF Psyche

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