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Subject:  Re: New to 401K...confused Date:  5/24/1999  3:44 AM
Author:  bhmirage Number:  10718 of 90434

Thank you for all the replies...I'll be doing a lot of reserach...I'm disturbed by the "annuity" thing but i don't yet know what that means. I'm wondering at what point the higher fees would override the advantage of "before tax" contributions (i'm in 28 percent tax bracket) and tax free growth. The company I work for was bought a year and a half ago by a much larger company. Our company had just voted in a union before being bought. The "union" is in negotitions for a first contract. The company i work for, is owned but still seperate from the much larger company that bought us. Our 401K plan does not have a match, but we're supposedly going to get lumped in with the larger companies 401K or one that the union has (now that's scary). So hopefully one of those is better than the one I'm stuck with now. They are supposedly asking for a 6 percent company match. Which is what the people who work for the company that bought us get. Does a 6 percent match generally mean that 6 pecent of your contribution is matched (big deal..well at least maybe it would offset all those FEES LOL..) or rather that you can contribute 15 percent of your salary and the company contributs 6 percent of your salary?. Anyway once i have done more reserach and have some cold hard facts i'll post some more specific questions..thanks so much for the input. I was getting pretty frustrated with no one seeming to know anything about this here where i work. Maybe i'll become the 401K guru at my job here and be able someday to help people that are in my position now..I'm amazed that no one else I've talked to at work seems to be concerned about this!
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