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Subject:  Re: Pet insurance Date:  5/24/1999  12:11 PM
Author:  TMFPsyche Number:  735 of 123310

Excellent post Tony! I'm going to ask around our area and see if I can't find a vet who will do something similar. I'm beginning to think that all of the vets in my area of Maryland are just money-hungry, so I'm not sure any of them will have something and convenient as this. Sure would be great tho.

We're currently in the market for a new vet. We've had one suggested to us, but we haven't tried her yet (no need - woohoo!). Our current vet... oh get this... Okay, I posted awhile back about one of our kitties who had this incessant blood in her urine and she acted as if she had a UTI, when in fact, tests said she didn't. So we took her to a couple of vets, and finally wound up going back to our original vet for surgery.

He opened her up, called me as soon as he was done and said "Who did this spay?" I said I didn't know... she was spayed right before we got her (had the bald belly and all!). I told him I'd look into it. Well he went on and on about what a botched job it was - lesions everywhere, too much scar tissue... this was done wrong and that was done wrong and this was done poorly and that... and consequently it screwed the poor little munchkin up. Well, that surgery cost us almost $600. The other vets probably around a total of close to $400.

That night, I called the organization from which we had adopted the kitty, only to find that... you guessed it - our vet did the spaying! He was complaining about his own work! Well, I suppose technically it could have been done by another vet in his office, but it was indeed his office.

So now we're pulling all 14 of our cats from there, and demanding to be paid back the money we paid for the surgery. And *maybe* the $400 we paid to the others. But the bottom line is, that little kitty had to put up with a lot of pain that could have been avoided had someone in his clinic been more careful. And I'm not going to put my cats and their health into the hands of someone who can't be the best. Since the surgery that fixed her problems (tho he tells me they could come back at any time...)

So... in summary (and to close a story filled with a lot more than anyone wanted to hear) we're looking for a vet -- one who cares. We'll be happy to pay top dollar if the vet is wroth it - but frankly, if we can find one who cares *and* will set up a health maintenance plan like Tony described, that would be ideal.

TMF Psyche
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