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Subject:  Re: Pet insurance Date:  5/25/1999  10:45 AM
Author:  TMFPsyche Number:  739 of 123366

Tony lamented:
What a horror story, Psyche!
That pooooooor kitty!
It makes me so angry to hear that your vet turned out to be the culprit. It must've made you crazy thinking that he was the one who did the lousy job and then went back in!! Arrrgh!!
If I were you, I'd fight tooth and nail to NOT pay him for this surgery. Heck...he should pay you for damages to the poor thing. : (
Yep, the really sad thing is, he's the only vet in this area that I trusted (I had a *great* vet back in WI... Actually THREE great vets I could count on. I miss them...). But admittedly, he's lost all the good colleagues he had (he had a couple other vets and vet techs there that we also really liked - now there isn't anyone there that we trust - we thought we were down to just him and even that's been killed now) and he's putting in less hours, so when we call we can't always see him, so we figured we'd look around for another vet anyway. This just cinched the deal.

As to Hera - he may have botched her spay, but he did this one effectively. She's doing *so* well now! She's active, playful, healing quickly. We're thrilled. Angry at him, but thrilled at her progress.

As to not paying - well the checks have cleared, so now it's gonna be more of a fight then it would have been otherwise. Had we known sooner, it would have been worth my time and money to stop payment. But alas... we did not. If we take it all the way, there will be attempts at getting the money back that we paid other vets, as well as possibly pain and suffering for little Hera-doodle. (Her name is actually Scherezade, but we call her Hera-doodle 'cuz she's so small.)

Thanks for your concern, Tony. We're workin' on the situation!

TMF Psyche

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