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Subject:  Re: Are the head Fools still fools? Date:  6/29/1999  11:02 AM
Author:  jgspitz Number:  158 of 265

"I'm sure the on line portfolios are only a tiny fraction of their total net worth- and therefore, less important and easier to take risks with). I'm just putting this thought out there and would like to hear from the rest of you. "


I have wondered this sort of thing myself. However, I keep coming back to the fact that the Brothers Fool have done a lot for me and for many others. They have taught us how to manage, and take responsibility for our own retirement accounts.

And they have taught us to do it in SAFE ways. (i.e., index funds and the foolish four) As part of the education process it is NECCESSARY to learn about riskier investments, but no one said you had to participate in these.

Granted, I am still rather new to this. I have most of my money in two foulish four portfolios. I also have about twenty percent in some of the rule breaker stocks (which are currently KILLING my portfolio). But
I have learned to be patient and not panic. For that I owe a great debt to Tom and David.

As for their portfolio....I'm sure they hold stocks not listed in any of these portfolios. Some riskier, some less. You can only put so much money in one place. Had I their money, I wouldn't want controlling interest in GM. Just a certain percentage of my portfolio.

So, remember one of the first rules of the foolish, (I forget which one) "Put your money where you can be comfortable with it. The idea is to sleep at night!"

Fool on,

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